Oct. 4, 2021

#CultureClass150 : How to Participate

#CultureClass150 : How to Participate

The podcast will be three years old next month and we are super excited.  Having amazing listeners, interacting with people from different cultures and putting out 150 episodes is worth celebrating.  Here are five ways you can participate in the celebrations.

1.  Use #CultureClass150 to show love on social media.  Tweet us your messages, post clips from your favorite episodes on Instagram, ask questions on Facebook or tag your best guests while using the hashtag #CultureClass150

2.  Drop us a voicemail by clicking this link.  We'd love to hear your voice wishing us a happy anniversary (or whatever message you deem fit).  Be sure to use your best or most authentic cultural accent.

3.  Vote for which guest(s) you'd like us to interview again.  Cast your vote here and we'll reach out to them to schedule a recording.

4.  Join us on Zoom for 'Culture Class Community Day'.  Listeners, Podcast Guests and Friends will be in attendance.  The meetup will be on October 23rd @ 10am EST (3pm BST/ 3pm WAT).   Register here

5.  Consider donating to the podcast here.  You can support via credit card or PayPal.  A portion of your donation will go to Orphans Africa; to help vulnerable kids on the continent.  Again,  the link to donate is here.

Also watch out for some 'never heard before' behind the scene audio, surprise guests, bonus episodes and a major project.  Thanks for all the support.  #CultureClass150