Jan. 31, 2021

Instructions for Remote Podcast Guests

Instructions for Remote Podcast Guests

Hey there.  Glad you've chosen to come on the podcast.  We will be conducting a virtual recording.  I know this may sound intimidating but trust me, its not.  We want to make sure your time and effort on the pod is maximized by producing the best possible audio for our listeners.  Here are some tips:

Computer- try your best to connect to the meeting with a computer.  While phones (especially newer models) continue to wow us with amazing capabilities, a good computer is almost always best for virtual recordings.  Their processing power, sound cards and other specs make for the perfect device (Last resort alternative: Tablet or 2019+ Smartphone)

Microphone – this is a huge factor in determining how close to ‘studio sound’ we get in our finished podcast episode. Built-in microphones are OK, and in fact some phone microphones are surprisingly good, but they’ll never beat a dedicated mic.  If you can, connect an external microphone to your computer and get a pop filter for your mic as well. (Last resort alternative: Apple Airpods or Gaming Headset)

Headphones- wearing headphones for our recording will really help keep the recording at your end clean, and free of my voice.

Room – another huge factor in the sound of a recording is the room in which it takes place. It is the difference between achieving that dead, reverb-less ‘studio sound’ or that ringy, warehouse sound. We always suggest recording in a bedroom.  This is because most bedrooms have a bed, a closet and maybe even a rug.  All these make for good sound insulation.  Be sure to record away from windows and inform others in the house to please remain quiet during the duration of the recording. (Last resort alternative: Recording in a Closet)

Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions.  Looking forward to our recording

Source: https://willfrancis.com/instructions-for-your-remote-podcast-guests/