May 18, 2020

Ep 074- Techish (w/ Abadesi Osunsade)

Ep 074- Techish  (w/ Abadesi Osunsade)

Abadesi champions diversity & inclusion in the tech industry. She is also a podcaster, author and all round hustler.

Good things happen to those who 'hustle'. Abadesi indeed embodies the word. A Founder, Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Consultant at Hustle Crew; Abadesi was born to a Nigerian Father and Filipino Mother. She shares her experience growing up in a multi-ethnic household, moving to East Africa and attending boarding school in the UK. She also talks about why she got into tech and how she is striving to create an inclusive culture in the industry; one company at a time. Techish + Whatsapp Event: Buy Abadesi's book: Techish Podcast: