Ep 068- Citizenship (w/ Chirag Yadav & Manisha Kapoor)

April 6, 2020

Chirag & Manisha talk about the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act (2019) in India

Ep 067- Birth of a Queen (w/ Garcelle Franklin)

March 30, 2020

Garcelle is from South Carolina. She talks about…

Ep 066- Jordanian (w/ Mo Saadi)

March 23, 2020

Mo was born in Syria but grew up in neighboring J…

Ep 065- My Name Is Jack (w/ Jack Foster)

March 16, 2020

Random conversations with Jack Foster. He talks …

Ep 064- GLOMAD (w/ Andres Romero)

March 9, 2020

On this episode, Nosa and Andres draw similaritie…

Ep 063- Eritrean Girl (w/ Senaeit Mesgun)

March 2, 2020

Did you know celebrities like NipseyHussle and Ti…

Ep 062- AUSSIE (w/ Rod Dupen)

Feb. 24, 2020

Rod is an Australian businessmen who shares his e…

Ep 061- The Matchmaker (w/ Abby Rosenblum)

Feb. 17, 2020

Abby is a professional matchmaker in Denver. She talks about love on this Valentine Day episode.

Ep 060- Trip to Liberia (w/ Fata Acquoi)

Feb. 10, 2020

Fata Acquoi is currently a Masters of Internation…

Ep 059- Carnivore Ecologist (w/ Tyus D. Williams)

Feb. 3, 2020

Tyus is a wildlife ecologist (a rare profession f…

Ep 058- Soul Anarchist (w/ Paul Duane)

Jan. 27, 2020

Paul Duane is a heterosexual photographer and Comedian who loves wearing heels.

Guest: Paul Duane

Ep 057- Cowboy State (w/ Nathalie Schrefler)

Jan. 19, 2020

Nathalie grew up in Billings, Montana but moved t…

Ep 056- 90 Day Credit (w/ Shane Ceriale)

Jan. 13, 2020

This week I talk to Shane; a credit repair consul…

Ep 055- RORA (w/ Arelle Tones)

Jan. 6, 2020

Arelle Tonnes talks about growing up Black & Musl…

Ep 054- Missing Monrovia (w/ Kenny Greene)

Dec. 30, 2019

On the last episode of 2019, I talk to Kenny Gree…

Ep 053- What Happens in Vegas (w/ Dayo Falade)

Dec. 23, 2019

No description here. Listen to find out what wen…

Ep 052- Hacking Immigration- Part 1 (w/ Jim Hacking)

Dec. 16, 2019

Immigration Attorney Jim Hacking gets into Chain Migration vs Family Immigration

Guest: Jim Hacking

Ep 051- Religious Apothecary (w/ Monticue Connally)

Dec. 9, 2019

Monticue has a pretty interesting religious journ…

Ep 050- Unpublished Episode (w/ Tongwa Akanji Aka)

Dec. 2, 2019

The podcast is one year old this week. To celebr…

Ep 049- Beautiful Concrete (w/ Zaynab Sepahi)

Nov. 25, 2019

What's the difference between Iran/Persia? Farsi/…

Ep 048- Sagarmatha (w/ Agraj Dangal)

Nov. 18, 2019

Sagarmatha translates to 'sky head' and is the lo…

Ep 047- Call Me Goddess (w/ Assetou Xango)

Nov. 10, 2019

Assetou Xango is a genderqueer black female poet from Denver.

Guest: Assetou Xango

Ep 046- Fatherhood (w/ Benzel Jimmerson)

Nov. 4, 2019

The shortest distance between two people is a sto…

Ep 045- Motherland (w/ Amlaku B. Eshetie)

Oct. 28, 2019

አዲስ አበባ ማለትም አዲስ የሆነ አበባ ማለት መሆኑን ያውቃሉ? የኢትዮጵያ ቀን…